Classic VW Cup

A UK racing series for pre 2006 Volkswagen and VAG cars.

Scott Fletcher

Skoda Octavia Vrs mk1

Skoda Octavia Vrs mk1

Skoda Octavia Vrs mk1

Name: Scott Fletcher

Age: 32

Hometown: Leicester

Team: VRS Racing

Occupation: G4s Security

Car: Skoda Octavia vRS mk1

Class: Class A

Sponsors: None Yet

Website: VRS Racing Facebook page

Started racing in: 2017

Racing History: First season Racing ever was last year (2017), raced in the VAG Trophy and finished 4th in the championship.

Favourite track: Brands Hatch GP

Other hobbies: If I’m not at work then I’m usually working on my car doing something. No spare time for much else..