Classic VW Cup

A UK racing series for pre 2010 Volkswagen and VAG cars.

Alistair Lindsay

Mk2 Golf GTi

Mk2 Golf GTi

Mk2 Golf GTi

Name: Alistair Lindsay

Age: 53

Hometown: Chichester

Team: Saxon Motorsport

Occupation: Ceo Of Capital Compactors

Car: Mk2 Golf GTi

Class: Class B

Sponsors: Capital Compactors


Started racing in: 2013

Racing History: After getiing my license in 2013 I did a number of races with Saxon Motorsport to gain an upgrade before a sporadic season in Britcar. In 2015 / 16 I competed in a full season of Production GTi finishing 19th and 8th respectively. I also did selected rounds of CSCC, TTRS and the Birkett Relay. 2017 saw a move to the VW Classic and Pre 93 Touring cars in a modified Golf GTi, finishing both Championships in 2nd place overall. I also entered the CSCC Night Race event and won my class in both races.

Favourite track: Brands Hatch

Other hobbies: As a retired karate competitor where I competed at national level I take my fitness very seriously. I'm also a keen and accomplished skier.