Classic VW Cup

A UK racing series for pre 2010 Volkswagen and VAG cars.

Mark Shepherd

VW Golf Mk3 GTI

VW Golf Mk3 GTI

VW Golf Mk3 GTI

Name: Mark Shepherd

Age: 48

Hometown: Brackley

Team: Shepherd

Occupation: Freight Co-ordinator

Car: VW Golf Mk3 GTI

Class: Class B

Sponsors: Dk Motorsport Logistics


Started racing in: 1992

Racing History: Started Hillclimbing in a Renault 5GT Turbo in 1991 then converted to circuit racing in the Slick 50 Road Saloon Championship in a 3L Ford Capri. After a 20 odd year lay off from Motorsport I re-started again in Hillclimbs in a Renault Clio 172 which then lead me to go back to the circuits in the Mk3 Golf.

Favourite track: Any As Long As There Is A Full Grid.

Other hobbies: Triathlons but this has now taken a back seat to lying under the race car of an evening.