Classic VW Cup

A UK racing series for pre 2006 Volkswagen and VAG cars.

Vw Golf Mk2 gti

Vw Golf Mk2 gti

Name: Russell Bradley

Age: 44

Hometown: Upminster

Team: Russell Bradley Racing with CAMtech

Occupation: Train Maintainer Ex Race Mechcanic

Car: VW Golf Mk2 GTi

Class: Class B

Sponsors: Parts Depot


Started racing in: 2002

Racing History: 1999 started with Jez Clark helping him in the 750mc Formula Vee Championship 2000 started helping Chris Adams race in the first season of the VW Racing Cup and Super Coupe Cup 2002 started working for Colin Stancombe vehicle engineering working on Clio cup cars, started racing at Lydden in the Semsec series sports and saloons. 2004 VW racing cup a great experience entered three rounds highest position P12. 2005 just one race at Lydden Semsec due to working for TGM SPORT in Britcar and Colin Stancombe engineering. 2006 Dunlop track and race series first full season a few highs and lows finished 4th in class and 14th overall 2008 CSCC TINTOPS sharing with Chris Adams achieving my best finish P6 and class win, entered to top challenge race at Lydden great racing finishing P6 in both races. CSCC Tintops at Castle Combe sadly brought the end of my racing engine failure in qualifying. 2008/2012 carried on working for TGM and Colin Stancombe until the birth of my first daughter 2022 returning to Classic VW Cup

Favourite track: Bathurst

Other hobbies: Family stuff, Music , cycling , Scalextric