Classic VW Cup

A UK racing series for pre 2003 Volkswagen and VAG cars.

The Classic VW cup was started by Ian Fowler to fullfill the need for a VAG racing championship, aimed to bring cost effective motor racing to the competitors and has many racing volunteers helping out.
The championship caters for all pre 2003 VAG vehicles.


Costs :-

Registration is £100

Meeting costs alter per round but for 2020 the meetings are from £300-£500 depending on the circuit

please see link below for prices per round.

The Championship has two classes:-

Which is aimed at the modified vag racing cars but with strict power to weight to get close motor racing and to keep the budgets at a reasonable cost. Engine swops are allowed i.e 1.8t in a MK1 golf, please read the regulations to best see how you can fit.
193 BHP (at wheels) / ton for Turbocharged cars 

210 BHP (at wheels) / ton for naturally aspirated cars up to 3200cc

One make MK5 Golf GTI spec vehicles  

Less modified cars that are not so heavily modified, and a lower power to weight to again get close motor racing.
148 BHP (at wheels) / ton for Turbocharged cars

165 BHP (at wheels) / ton for Naturally aspirated cars.  

"One make” MK 2 Golf GTI 8v and 16v models.



Please see our regulations to see if you fit in.


Be great to see you racing with us soon.