Classic VW Cup

A UK racing series for pre 2006 Volkswagen and VAG cars.

The ricci concept Classic VW cup was started to fullfill the need to bring cost effective motor racing on a budget to the competitors and has many racing veterans always willing to help out others, we are racing with for 2022 and if 2021 is anything to go by it's gonna be another belter!! 

We are constantly monitoring 'what the drivers want' in a bid to bulk up our grids, in 2021 we were approached by a few drivers who's cars didnt fit our regs and were too heavily modified, after a quick word with the ever helpful guys at Track Attack we were able to offer a GT class which caters for the newer breed of VW cup cars/Seat supacopa/big turbo builds, although we have had to cap the date to 2006 and before, the latest regs for this are fairly open so contact our series coordinator to see if your car fits for 2022.


Costs :-

CVWC registration fee - £45

Track attack club registration fee - £175

Entry fees are @ £300-350 per round for 2022


The Championship has three classes:-

Which is aimed at the modified vag cars but with strict power to weight to get close motor racing and to keep the budgets at a reasonable cost.

Engine swaps are allowed i.e 1.8t in a MK1 golf, please read the regulations to best see how you can fit.

APPROX 193 BHP (at wheels) / ton for Turbocharged cars
APPROX 210 BHP (at wheels) / ton for naturally aspirated cars up to 3200cc

Less modified cars that are not so heavily modified,TDi's, and a lower power to weight.

APPROX 148 BHP (at wheels) / ton for Turbo diesel cars
APPROX 165 BHP (at wheels) / ton for Naturally aspirated cars.

Fairly unlimited, speak to championship co-ordinator for further info....

Tyres are any list 1A / 1B / 1C Treaded tyres or any full wet tyre

Be great to see you out with us in 2022!